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Lady Ttjana - The Shooting Gone Bad Clean My Very Dirty Feet

Lady Ttjana - The Shooting Gone Bad Clean My Very Dirty Feet
Mistress Tatjana is on shooting. The photograper is very rude guy and not respectfull. The Mistress will be very angry and teaches the guy who is She. So she slaps his face very hardly. Poor guy begs for her but but she doesn't show mercy. She continues the face slapping until he collaps. Then he cries and she orders him to kiss her boots. She very enjoy her power over the man. After she forces him to kiss and lick to clean her dirty boots. Poor guy tries to resist but she is very strict and mercyless woman so she spanks him very cruelly if he disobey. She very loves this game. After she makes him to smell her sweaty, stinky stockinged feet. After she forces him with the riding stick to lick her stockinged feet and suck her toes. In this clip she forces him clean her very dirty, muddy soles with his tongue. She very enjoy to torture and humiliate him.

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