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Ariel - Blackmailed-Fantasy By Bratty Secretary

Ariel - Blackmailed-Fantasy By Bratty Secretary

Ariel is an exotic dream, but she is really bratty and intelligent and she loves to play with men! This is her first month as a secretary in a shoe factory and her boss is such an asshole! While he is away, Ariel sits on his computer and finds something very interesting! When her boss returns, he complains that she sits on his place, but when Ariel shows a photo of him bondaged and licking shoes, he changes many colors! PART1: High Heels Worship The strict boss is now a scared bitch, he tells her not to say to anyone. Ariel tells him that if he likes, he can lick her sexy high heels clean. When he says no, Ariel informs him that if he will not do what she says, she will post the photo on the Facebook! Her boss falls on his kness and starts to lick Ariel's shoes clean, while she has an amazing expression of joy! Ariel has her legs resting on the desk while her new slave licks her shoes clean, but soon she takes the full control and makes him her shoebitch, fucking his mouth with the heels and wiping the bottoms on his tongue to shine them! PART2: Worship My Sexy Feet, Boss!!! After making him clean her high heels, Ariel commands her boss to remove them and she sticks her perfect feet on his face, making him worship them! She crosses her legs so sexy and she makes her boss her pathetic footbitch, he licks and sucks her perfect soft feet with passion, as Ariel loves the feeling of his face under her soles, this will be his new place! Ariel sticks both her feet on his face and massages them, as he keeps licking and sucking non stop! Trampling My Boss Flat - EXTREME Trampling After his secretary took over the control, Winston lays on the office couch and he cannot believe how stupid he was to leave his computer open, now this little bitch will put an end to his career if she wants! Ariel enters the room at this time and commands him to take off his t-shirt, as now from boss he is degraded to her carpet! She stands on her boss and starts to trample him ****, destroying under her sexy feet! Ariel enjoys so much to feel his face melted under her feet, while she stands on it full weight in many positions. Ariel tramples and squeezes his face, his throat, his dick and all over his body **** and at the end, she stomps his face FULL POWER and many times, knowing that in some minutes he has an important meeting and he will go there with his face broken!!! The Face Of My Boss As My Footstool! Ariel is exited to own her boss like he is her little bitch! She calls him and commands him to lay down, he doesn't look happy at all but he obeys. Ariel covers his face under her foot and she crosses her perfect legs. She totally ignores him, as she crosses her legs in both ways with his face always under her feet, while she checks her phone, smokes and drinks. She massages hard but sensualy her perfect feet on his face and she is thinking of so many ideas how to dominate him and humiliate him after! Your Face Is My New Chair! - EXTREME Facesitting In Short Office Skirt Winston did all the secretary job as Ariel commanded him and he looks exhausted. Ariel was sitting on the uncomfortable chair that he provided for her office, so she wants to teach him a lesson for this. She sits on his face and smothers him hard under her perfect ass, he is crazy for this ass but now is lethal for him! Ariel poses while sitting on his face, WHAT A BEAUTY SHE IS! She is so elegant, stylish and sexy while smothering her boss under her sexy ass, that he is really missing a great show. Why? Because Ariel sits on his face of course, non stop, changing positions with cruelty and fantasy! Dangling And Teasing You With My Sexy High Heels! Ariel is an exotic dream, but she is really bratty and intelligent and she loves to play with men! This is her first month as a secretary in a shoe factory and she already made all men, her boss included, crazy for her! She is a real talent in the job, but at the same time she is a manipulative brat that she knows how to tease! She wears always short skirts and high heels, making her perfect legs look amazing! Ariel knows you are peeping her and what you do alone at home, or even in the company toilets! She relaxes her legs on the office and lets you almost touch the bottoms of her shoes with your face! She dangles her shoes as she has her legs on the office desk and she puts her legs down and crosses them, as she keeps dangling her shoe near your face. AMAZING POV positions, Ariel is absolutely sexy and mesmerizing! PART1 - Dirty Feet POV Ariel owns her boss, after finding photos of him underfoot on his computer, so the roles swifted, Ariel is the boss now and her boss is her bitch! But he is not used to clean and tide, so Ariel finds dirt on the floor. And she laughs because the dirt comes from the flowers that he bought for her to soften her! She makes her feet dirty, stepping on the dirt and she relaxes and waits for her boss to lick her feet clean! But since he will be late as Ariel sent him to the post office, she has enough time to make YOU crazy! She knows that you would give everything to lick her dirty feet and she lets you come closer, your face is almost touching her soles. She ignores you and does an amazing foot play near your face, sometimes looking at you and smiling. Ariel knows the power over you, she knows that you are just a bitch for her dirty feet! PART2 - Lick My Dirty Feet Clean, Boss!!! Dirty Foot Worship And Humiliation The 'boss' is back and Ariel thanks him for the flowers and she informs him that, because he is useless and made dirty the floor, she has a present for him: her dirty feet! Ariel commands him to go on his knees and lick them clean, he begs her not to make him do it, but he knows he will! He starts to lick the dirty feet of Ariel, he is so humiliated and Ariel has an expression of joy on her face. She gets more dominant and she wipes her feet all over his face and tongue to clean them and she gets disgusted with his dirty face and mouth. She covers his face unde both her feet and she massages them and wipes them on his face, until her feet are finally clean, so his face remains as her footstool, after of course she dries her feet on his expensive t-shirt!

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