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Czech Soles Goddess Lynn trampling her slave

Czech Soles  Goddess Lynn trampling her slave
Goddess Lynn's slave is not at his place again! He's really not obeying and he says he's been cleaning in the next room? Lies! It's time to show him why Lynn is the goddess and he's the slave under her heels and at her perfect feet!

"Get on the ground, slave!" goddess Lynn orders him and wearing her high heels she steps on his chest and stand on him as if he'd be a doormat for her. "It's time to punish you by trampling! I hope you like my nice stiletto heels, slave!". The slave has to take it and don't make a sound or it will be even worse.

"Finally, a barefoot trampling. It will be a relief." thinks the slave. "But wait, goddess Lynn wants me to lick her sweaty feet and she's planning to trample my face too? Please, no...". But he has no say in this. His Asian goddess rules here and her feet will be worshiped and adored. Whatever she'll say, the slave will do. Now!

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