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KASSY - Used Underfoot - Foot Worship, Footstool And Ignore

I am in trouble, a new Mistress owns me and she is one crazy bitch like most of them. She is Kassy and she loves to have me under her feet all day! It is the second day today and most of the time her feet are on my face, sometimes it and sometimes ignoring me and using it as footstool. Sometimes her toes stay in my mouth for so long and sometimes I have to lick her feet for hours!

Even if she is doing nothing, Kassy wants me under her feet! She uses my face as her footstool while she ignores me and checks her phone and, when she notices me, she commands me to lick her feet, while she checks her phone. Kassy massages her feet slowly all over my face while I lick her soles and she changes positions on me for her comfort, covering my face under her feet and sometimes smothering me without she even notice it!

GABRIELLA - Scheduled - DOMINANT Foot Worship (Facebox)

Gabriella is the Mistress with the most organized life, this is why as I listen is a succesful businesswoman. This is good for me as I know that she will dominate me everyday in the same time, when she is back from the office. Today she commanded me to wait for her with my face in the facebox and when she is back from her office, she walks in barefoot and looks down at me happy that I followed her orders. She sits on the stool over me and she makes me worship her feet. She moves her feet slowly on my face and uses my tongue, as I lick, kiss and suck after her commands. After a lot of foot worship service, she stands up over my face and she makes me lick and suck her feet some more. I focus to do the best possible service for her feet, because I know if I don't, she will stomp my face!

MAGICA - Nothing But A Footbitch - Foot Worship And Humiliation

When this evil bitch Magica owns me, I really get nothing but humiliation from her. It is a hot afternoon and she calls me and commands me to massage her feet with my tongue. I start to worship her feet, I lick her soles and I suck her toes non stop, while she ignores me and checks her phone. When her attention comes to me, is usually to humiliate me or my face with her feet. She likes that I keep her feet fresh with my tongue and mouth and she doesn't want me to stop, no matter that I am tired. I lost the sense of time, as I worship her feet for so long, but Magica doesn't care! She starts a conversation with me while I keep worshipping her feet and of course she thinks I am totally useless and ugly, but I asure her that she is wrong, as my beauty is classical and mostly the older women appreciate. She laughs at me and she says that actually I am ugly, so she stomps and crushes my face to reform it! Finally, she realizes that nothing is better and she uses my face as her footstool, as she continue to ignore me...

ALICE - Mathematics Problem - Foot Worship, Hard Foot Massage On Face And Footstool

I really afraid of Alice now, she is so crazy that she stuck with this Mathematics and she gets too dominant when she is like that. She kicked my face hard before and now she calls me again. I beg her not to kick me again, but she answers that after kicking me she feels more relaxed. Alice commands me to lay on the couch and she sits on the stool behind me and covers my face under her feet. She starts studying again, while she moves her feet on my face and I lick and suck non stop. Sometimes she relaxes and uses my face as a footstool or she massages hard her feet all over my face, ignoring me while now checking her phone. I know I will stay in this position for long, but is better than the kicks...and the mathematics.

VERONICA - Action Figure - Foot Worship, Face As A Footstool, Smoking And Ignore

Veronica is one of the craziest bitches I have seen in my life. She never rents me for many days, just for half day or so, but she comes for action. She is full sadistic and full of energy and she loves to hurt me, this makes her always laugh and feel happy! Veronica thinks that I am her toy! Today is the day that Veronica owns me and I want to cry already...

FINALLY, Veronica got bored of me! Today was one of the hardest days since I am captured by Rea that rents me to all these sadistic bitches. But, of course, Veronica will not just lets me rest, she uses me that she will rest. She traps me under a chair and she sits over it and uses my face as her footstool, while she ignores me and smokes, checking her phone. She crosses her legs with my face underfoot and she makes me worship her feet from time to time, just to rest them on my face again. My face is so broken that even this action is hard for me, but I always have relief and less stress when Veronica is relaxing!

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