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Bratty Foot Girls - Onyx Kim, Mia Hope - Female Training Gone Wrong

Bratty Foot Girls - Onyx Kim, Mia Hope - Female Training Gone Wrong
Ninja finds a new special device that will finally give him the chance to live out his biggest fantasies by controlling his two hot bratty roommates Onyx and Mia and get them to do whatever he pleases. Hes always been annoyed that his roommates treat him like dirt and never give him the time of day. Now with this new device he should be able to fully control them! As he walks in the girls are annoyed already hes trying to be in the same room as them. He smirks thinking hes about to get them good as he points the remote at them and seems to fire it. The girls look at him confused as nothing is happening. He frantically tries to mash the buttons but nothing happens, Onyx suddenly snatches the remote from him as if to help him and hits a different button. Suddenly he goes still and his arms raise up like a zombie! The device is now affecting only him. The girls laugh as they arent sure what is going on as they start trying different commands on him. Soon they realize what he was trying to do and they are mad! They decide since he wanted to control them, they will humiliate him instead as they turn him into a braindead foot zombie that is used to clean their feet and gag on their toes!

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