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Czech Soles Anniversary foot worship surprise

Czech Soles  Anniversary foot worship surprise
It has been 3 years already. Three years that Daniela and Fernando are together and its their anniversary today. They have a nice dinner, vine, nice dress and Daniela has high heel wedges on her beautiful bare feet with long toes and nice blue nail polish. She plays with her feet under the table and Fernando starts to be really horny for her feet. He keeps looking under the table and admiring her sexy bare feet. Dinner is over, they are just talking now and he can feel its going some place beautiful. He lusts for Danielas feet and shes looking forward to have her feet worshiped and licked and kissed and her toes sucked. And they both know where this is going and how its going to end, when her feet and on Fernandos face and moaning is coming from both sides

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