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Licking Girls Feet There cant be much humiliation for you

 Licking Girls Feet  There cant be much humiliation for you
Sarah came home where two slave girls, nelly and christina, are waiting for her on their knees. Sarah is in a bad mood and needs to have some fun .. The slave girls immediately rush to worship Sarah's shoes, thereby welcoming her. "You stupid whores! Can't you see I'm tired and want to rest?" - Sarah said, walked into the room and put her feet on the stand. The slave girls crawled after their strict Mistress to fulfill her whims and somehow entertain. They began to lick Sarah's shoes, swallowing the dust from them. Sarah looks at them in disgust and orders them to take off her shoes and sniff her sweaty socks. Sarah sometimes can't cope with her disgust towards the pathetic slave girls and spits in their faces. After that, the slave girls were ordered to take off Sarah's socks and stuff them into their mouths, sucking all the sweat from them. "You really disgust me! Worship my bare feet!" - Sarah ordered with annoyance and the slave girls immediately began to lick the soles of their Mistress .. But Sarah was still bored and uninteresting with these whores and she decided to call Nicole to have a little fun and relax after a hard day. Sarah calls Nicole via video link and invites her to her place to have fun with nelly and christina. Nicole really likes this idea and she agrees to come because she likes to humiliate pathetic bitches .. Hearing this, the slave girls begin to worry because they will have to serve two cruel Mistresses, but faithfully continue to lick Sarah's feet. Soon Nicole comes and the slave girls have a very difficult time. "Can't these idiots entertain you in any way?" - Nicole asks Sarah and orders nelly to sniff her sweaty socks. nelly and christina understand that a difficult time awaits them because it isn't so easy to please Sarah and Nicole. The slave girls thoroughly lick the feet of their Mistresses, so as not to receive more punishment .. After all, they understand that if their Mistresses aren't happy then it won't end with good for them. "I don't like how these scum entertain us! Let's go to the entrance?" - Suggested by Sarah Nicole. "Whores! Sit here and wait for us! We'll come back soon" - Nicole ordered the slave girls and the Mistresses went into the entrance. I think you can guess why they are going for? Soon Sarah and Nicole, having collected all the dirt from the public entrance, returned to the slave girls. The public entrance is one of the dirtiest places and now all this dirt is on the soles of Nicole and Sarah. Apparently for the girls' amusement it wasn't enough to order the slave girls to lick just sweaty feet .. they want to humiliate christina and nelly even more .. Of course, the slave girls have no options to resist the whim of their Mistresses and they began to lick all the dirt off Nicole and Sarah's feet. The girls continued to humiliate the slave girls morally and scoff at their insignificance .. When all the dirt from the feet of Sarah and Nicole was cleaned by the tongues of christina and nelly, the Mistresses decided to spit on the faces of the slave girls to show them their place. Nicole and Sarah spat as much as possible in the faces and mouths of the pathetic slave girls. Almost not a single spit flew past their faces and mouths. Then Sarah wanted to photograph their spattered and pathetic faces to show these photos to her friends and laugh together.

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