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Czech Soles Inappropriate suggestions at workplace leads to foot worship

Czech Soles  Inappropriate suggestions at workplace leads to foot worship
You probably know the feeling when there is a pretty girl at work, who always wears nice high heels and her feet are just amazing but you cant do anything about it. Maybe some subtle hints to let her gently know but she never gets it or dont want to get it. Well, Jack is fully opened about his admiration to Megan, his colleague. He actually loves her unconditionally and he want to be with her. Even if it mean just to help her move or watch her dog and meet her twice in the door. Hes really hopeless. Hes trying to get Megan for such a long time and shes pretty tired of it now. She usually just ignores him until he leaves but today hes much more relentless then even before. He wants to go for lunch with, then to a concert, then at least out for a walk or something but nothing works on Megan. So Jack selects a more direct approach by asking Could I kiss you now?. Well the answer is no of course but Megan being pretty mad right about now she tells him he can kiss her ass! But he really takes it seriously and asks her whether he could at least kiss her ass. Or maybe her hand at least? No? And your feet? Here Megan starts to laugh not believing he would actually kiss her sweaty feet that have feet in these closed up high heels all day long, everyday and always. But just for fun she decided to go with it and allows him to kiss her feet. He wont do it anywayor will he?

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