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Arab Goddess Dalila And Slave Dan

 Arab Goddess Dalila And Slave Dan

What are you saying ? A CV ? A resume ? No please, don't bother ! A simple photo, just a snapshot, but of your feet ...

Dan got something even better that a picture of her feet, he got her feet ... In his mouth. "Lick them dirty bitch !".

A husky voice, a smoldering voice, don't look any further, it is Dalila, humiliatrix and dominatrix. Dan's face is full of spits, Dalila is spreading them with her feet, Dan wanted to get humiliated, the results exceeds all expectations ! A real cocktail "feet & spits" which is not commercially available. Now imagine the smell of her feet after one hour jogging, you'd love to lick them ? Now imagine some big loogies you have to lick on her dirty soles, I'm pretty sure, you're having a hard on ...

But there's no recruitment without wages, of course Dalila doesn't intend work but she wants a salary.

"How much you said ?"

There's no doubt that the figure proposed by Dan is totally inadequate, there's no doubt that Dalila is gonna make him pay the price ...

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