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Princess Amber, Princess Lexi - We Wanted Out Of Gym Class Idiot

Princess Amber, Princess Lexi - We Wanted Out Of Gym Class Idiot

Ezra! Ezra ... The fucking idiot. Brat Princess girls work our fucking asses off in college. Getting good grades to get good degrees because most of our betas are too fucking dumb to even breathe. But we put them to the test and do the work for us because we are far too busy doing hot girl stuff. Even though we have our hot alpha boyfriends who make 6 figures we still know we are smarter and its funny to have nerd slaves. Everyone knows we are smarter and better. But we shouldn't have to do the work. Someone else needs to do the work. Why the fuck do any BRAT PRINCESSES need to go to dirty ass gym class with degenerates and get all sweaty. We know how to work out. We are actually coordinated. Gym class is for incapable losers. Dorks and nerds. Ezra is enticed by us. Cause we are hot and make him so weak. He wants to please us even though it could lose his job. It doesn't matter if he gets fired. All that matters is if we get out of gym class and don't have to go to detention. ALL HE HAS TO DO IS LISTEN TO BRAT PRINCESS GIRLS! After Amber and Lexi Slap him and trample him he should finally get the point. If not, they have his wallet now! LOL

NERD ALERT! Girls dominating a weak beta to get their way in college. Slapping and trampling might not work ... But getting his wallet might make him get in line and lose his job for the sake of a princess*

Maybe I should re enroll in college and make these fucking losers sweat. LOL that would be funny. All of my past professors are now my current slaves. They lose their job but gain their worth by being in my control.

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