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LANA - My sneakers are dusty and my insoles are sweaty Tongue out

Lana uses christina for the first time .. She heard a lot about her from girls .. She was told that christina licks dirt and dust from shoes better than anyone else, so Lana decided to test her. Lana walked down the street all day and her sneakers got really dusty. But it's okay, the slave girl is nearby. Lana ordered christina to clean her sneakers with her tongue. When christina licked Lana's sneakers, her tongue turned black with dust and she constantly swallowed it so as not to smear the dirt on the sole. Not such a stupid slave girl .. Of course, Lana wanted to humiliate the slave girl even more, she pulled out her sweaty insoles and began to wipe them on christina's tongue. "Swallow all the dirt and sweat that you licked off my sneakers and insoles .. Now you will lick my bare feet" - Lana ordered and the slave girl started to worship her feet. christina cleaned Lana's bare soles, not forgetting to lick between her toes. She wanted to please her new Mistress. When Lana's feet were clean, she told christina to clean her sneakers to a shine.

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