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Italian Fetish game - Never underestimate an angry girl. Starring Mayla and Nicola

Nicola and Mayla want to fight, Nicola thinks that Mayla is too weak to defeat him. But Mayla laughs and cant wait to start fighting against Nicola. The two begin, they are having fun, the two roommates start the fight by testing their strength. Nicola manages to manage the situation, Mayla acts with great determination, hits Nicola, performs several scissorholds and tries to beat his opponent but this is not enough, so Mayla starts using her feet, she wants to humiliate Nicola even more. He wants to make him feel inferior and crush his feet in the face to make him understand who is in charge. Nicola, who loves Maylas feet, however, does not accept this, and so reacts. Make a number of moves that put Mayla in trouble. She is heavily dominated, her head is about to bend, her body is twisted, Nicola closes the position doing very badly to Mayla. She starts counting but cant beat her, just before she reaches 4 Mayla pulls a kidney and is safe. Now Mayla starts to get angry, and she does it by showing how furious a girl is who is subdued by a man Mayla takes Nicola and begins a domination, crushes his head with devastating scissorholds, performs really extreme reverse s.head. Nicola is crushed against Maylas feet he can no longer stand this domination, the two boys are wet with sweat, but Mayla despite the heat intends to continue further, the charge of anger on Nicola increases more and more until he can plant his feet in his face so long that he is definitely knocked out Now the victory is yours, and Mayla decides to humiliate Nicola in the best way as only a true ruler of the ring is able to do. FULL HD ENG

MP4 * 802 MB * 00:33:18 * 1920x1080


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