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The Mean Girls - Lexi Chase - Water World Foot Worship

So I am basically just chilling in the pool at Mean Girl Manor, working on my fabulous tan. I have a slave handcuffed and leashedand in the water at my feet so I can shove my feet into its open, waiting mouth whenever I feel like it. I have some fun casually shoving my feet down its throat, playing with its tonsins with my toes and trying to make it gag on my feet for my amusement haha. Every now and then I just put my little foot on top of its head and shove its ugly face underwater for as long as I like. Why?? Because I CAN! THATS why! Its fun to play with slaves livesLOL.

But mostly I am just sliding my little size 5 feet on its tongue because a slave tongue feels good on my feet. And then I decide to shove BOH my feet into its mouth! and it BETTER fit them in- or ELSE!!

At the end of the clip Princess Amber comes out to say hi and she had a surprise guest with her! One of the Brat Princesses decided to come to Mean Girl Manor to visit for the weekend apparently. She thought it was so funny that I am just out by the pool shoving my feet into the mouth of some loser that I have on a chain in the waterhaha. But I explain that this is just kinda normal around here

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