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Utopia Entertainmant - Christina's Wrestling Workout

Christina is a gorgeous, blue-eyed, raven-haired physique competitor, with rock-hard 25? thighs. Think Sandra Bullock with muscles. The star of Pornographers Beatdown and a personal trainer by trade, shes known to her clients and friends in the gym as Quadzilla. Not only because her thighs are monstrous, but because her leg workouts are legendary! In Christinas Wrestling Workout wimpy Dominick, the personal trainer at her hotel, comes up to give her advice while shes in the middle of her squat workout, she gets more than a little upset, but rather than punch his lights out right then and there, she storms out of the facility. Problem is, Dominick follows her all the way back to her room to get an apology. Dominick pounds on her door and when she answers it, he barges into her room. This is a really bad decision as Christina throws him down and punishes him with some absolutely grueling scissorholds. Christina is pissed and shes a hip thrusting, scissor snapping machine. She knows only one way to squeeze, full on! Dominick is helpless, made to clutch unsuccessfully at Christinas muscle prison as she adds to his punishment with a torturous chinlock. Christina loves long, prolonged, scissorholds because she completely zaps whatever resistance a dude might have, and in this case Dominick is complete jello by the end. Maybe its the fact she clamped him in her reverse head scissor and reverse figure 4 for 2 different 3 minute long scissor sequences, or maybe its the repeated scissor slams, first against Doms trapped head and neck in a front scissor, or his chest while in her body scissor. Or maybe its the hip-thrusting grapevine, front scissor, chokehold, and side figure 4 finisher that exhausts him. Whatever the reason, Dominick doesnt know what hit him, crushed into oblivion by Christinas massive gams! Some awesome close-ups in this offering as Christina completely dominates Dominick. Enjoy!

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