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Foot Tongue Mouth and Vore - The Mesmerised Barmaid Ff Foot Worship 3

A woman is sitting at a bar smoking and drinking coffee as the barmaid plays idly with her mobile phone. As she dips her bare foot in and out of her high heels, the female customer watches slyly licking her lips and silently plotting a plan.

She asks the barmaid for a glass of water and when she returns with it, the customer asks her to come closer. At that moment she snaps her fingers in front of the barmaid's face and begins moving her finger slowly from side to side and staring her in the eyes. it doesn't take long until the waitress is under her spell.

She is then encouraged to climb up onto the bar which she does obediently in her mesmerised state. The customer then removes her shoes and begins to take complete advantage of her bare feet licking and sucking every inch greedily until her feet and toes are covered in her saliva.

When she has finished using the oblivious barmaid, she doesn't even bother bringing her back round. She simply finishes her coffee and walks off, leaving her barfoot and mesmersied on the bar.

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