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Craving Jasper - Another Way to Pay

Ari and I have been living together and sharing a phone bill for years with no issue, yet these past few months she's come up short and I've footed the bill. Well, I'll give her a foot. There's no free rides, and nothing I love more than having my soft, supple soles licked and sucked. So which will it be? Pay your share, or worship?

Sit back and relax, because today the beautiful Ari is doing all the work. First put off by the idea, she finds herself rapidly slipping into a sensual state of mind as she uses the tip of her tongue to trace every inch of my soles. She finds a new energy in this state, one that provokes her to flatten her tongue and truly taste my feet completely. Tracing, tasting, and sucking; she moans in an ecstasy of the moment and gives her all to me. Our moans mix and my soles glisten with her spit in this immersive, sensual clip.

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