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Mrs Zarah Convinces Schoolgirl 2 Worship Her Feet

Mrs Zarah is a delicious Milf with gorgeous face and marvelous body. She is a 40 YO very charming women. She is the substitute of the principal of the school while she is in vacation. She likes to take advantage when she is in this place. Lorena is a hot schoolgirl. She was caught drinking beer on break time and now she is trouble. Only Mrs Zarah can help her or, she has to leave the school. Mrs Zarah like to take advantage of their young students. She likes to have her feet worshiped. Mrs Zarah puts her feet up on the desk. Mrs Zarah is using a marvelous high heel. She orders Lorena to take her shoes off. Lorena is a foot fetishist and notices that can be the best punishment for her. Lorena takes off Mrs Zarah's shoes and fall in love when she realizes how pretty and delicate is her teacher's feet. Lorena get Mrs Zarah's feet on her hands and kiss and lick the point of her toes very gently. Lorena lick between every perfect toe of her teacher. Mrs Zarah is liking that and orders her to suck all toes of her delicate feet. She also orders Lorena to lick her pink and soft soles. Lorena is hungry for Mrs Zarah's toes and puts all of them inside her mouth at the same time. Mrs Zarah orders to Lorena to suck every toe one by one. Lorena lets Mrs Zarah's toes very wet and clean. Mrs Zarah asks Lorena to lie on the carpet. Mrs Zarah sits in the border of her desk in a very sexy pose. She passes her toes on Lorena tongue. Mrs Zarah orders Lorena to open her mouth and make her suck every toe of her marvelous feet. After a while Mrs Zarah pulls Lorena to the waiting room. Mrs Zarah wants to get more comfortable. Lorena gets a cushion and puts up Mrs Zarah's feet. We can see the wrinkles of her soles very close. Lorena smells and licks Mrs Zarah's toes. Lorena sucks her toes, one by one. She licks between every little toe. She slips her tongue over her soles, from the heel to the toes. After Mrs Zarah gets satisfied, she orders her pupil to puts her shoes. Mrs Zarah prefers keep her foot fetishist pupil close to her. Lorena overcome her goal. She passed the year. The scenes between them are really hot. They really like what they do.

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