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Mistress Gaia All Strung Up

I want to instruct my bitch a lesson, he doesnt seem to know the meaning of obedience. I have taken him from the box, and have him on his knees. His arms are trussed behind his back, and I have a taut neck corset around his neck and affixed the suspension cable. He is in a strained position and has been waiting for me for a while. I arrive and tell him hes going to pleasure me, and he is going to suffer. I begin with getting him to munch my beautiful boots, then I make him more awkward as I elevate the cable. He has difficulty breathing as the cable pulls tightly on his collar and stretches his neck. I so enjoy hearing him gargle and choke. I remove my boots, and show him my beautiful feet. Then I quickly begin to smother him, as I pinch his nose with my toes. Using both feet I completely cover his face. He cant move and continues to gasp for air. Its a great way to teach my bitch a lesson, and give me so much pleasure making him suffer. I finally put my boots back on, and get ready for a well earned lunch. My slave is going nowhere, and I leave him painfully all strung .

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