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Sierra - Smothered And Crushed Under Sierra's Size 10 Ebony Feet

This movie includes 4 PARTS!)

Smothered And Crushed Under Sierra's Size 10 Ebony Feet (Parts 1-4)

Sierra comes home & immediately wants some attention paid to her sweaty size 10 feet. She has he sweaty socks planted on Jason's face & she has no plans on moving them off until the smelly aroma of her feet have been removed by his face. When she peels off her socks the entire room smells like Sierra's vinegary, cheesy feet! The scent was unbearable & Jason's nostrils were planted right under her toes to endure the stench up close!

Just when Jason thought Sierra was done using his face, she continues the punishment of using him as her personal foot-stool. She smashes both feet right on top of Jason's face taking away his air & letting him breath very short breathe of fresh air. Jason cannot believe he's stuck in this position with nowhere to go & Sierra's feet crushing on top of his face

Sierra likes the soles of her feet nice & moist. She has her obedient foot-slave take care of her soles by giving them nice slow, long licks up & down her size 10 soles! Making sure that her soles are shining when he's done. Jason seems like he's licking for hours as Sierra's has very thick long soles! She has him stick his tongue out so she can get all the moisture on her soles

Jason attempts to escape but Sierra has him all tied up right where she wants him. He's kneeled in front of her ready to listen to her every command. She shoves her size 10s deep down his throat & you can see Jason turn red & can barely take Sierra's entire foot in his mouth as she begins to jerk his head back & forth to make sure he gets a taste ALL 10 of her hot pink toes!

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