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The last time I did a FOOT GAGGING CHALLENGE with my slave boy was more than 1 year ago and I managed to get my foot inside his mouth up to line number 5! That was very deep for that time And that was the maximum Now I am ready to go another level with him and I will add a 6th line instead of 5.

As always, I ordered him to wait for me lying on the floor First I explained to him what would be the new goal for this challenge, there will no longer be 5 lines on my foot, now there are 6!! So I stepped on his face started to mark the lines 1,2,3,4,5 & 6 Then I ordered him to suck on my feet and toes so they are well lubricated before putting them into disgusting mouth. We started with the easy part line number 1 was not that difficult but I left my foot inside his mouth to generate more saliva for what was coming I jumped to level 3 and put my foot in his mouth opening his lips with my fingers so that he can enter my entire foot and toes I left my foot for several seconds inside his mouth And I ordered him not to choke!!! (Hes choking on level 3 he didnt know whats coming) I immediately followed level 4 and dig my foot in his mouth for 1 minute, but the idiot couldnt resist even 10 seconds!!! So I tried again and this time I kept my foot in his mouth for 10 seconds while he tried not to choke LOL. I ordered him to kiss my feet and suck all the drool that came out of his throat . I was using only the right foot, but I did the same with the other starting from level 4 as the previous levels are very easy for this slave who has a deep throat. I made him wet my other foot while I humiliated and degraded him verbally, letting him know who was in command and that he was useless just to obey me Level 4 was easy for him So again I left my foot inside for 30 seconds while he tried not to choke he was full of drool and tears started to come out of his eyes hahaha hes crying. So again 30 seconds inside for a being lame. (I kept humiliating him verbally all the time). After taking my foot out, I make him lick all his saliva and kiss my feet, now its time to reach level 5, that is, line number 5, I ordered him to open his mouth he was very scared! I made him stick his tongue out to better open his throat and my foot go straight inside! This is the deepest that my foot has been in his mouth UNTIL NOW . level 5 is already very difficult so I left my foot in his mouth while he was choking hahaha (What comes is even more difficult the level 6 lets see if he succeeds.) Now its time to use the other foot and make him reach level 5 I ordered him to open his throat and moved my toes inside his mouth to make him choking and gag lol I had to get my foot out of his mouth hahaha

Unfortunately I he was not able to get to level 5 on my left foot!! So I tried again until he choked (OMG I dont know how hes going to get to level 6 )

Its time to put my foot up to where the bone is up to level 6! SO IT TOLD HIM TO GET READ. He took a deep breath and I told him to open his mouth like never before in his life!!! I managed to get my foot up to level 6!!! The slave was full of drool and I kept choking and choking him with my foot, hes crying, but Im not happy with an attempt so I stuck my left foot in trying to get to level 6 but he choked and almost puked as I entered my foot hahaha.

I tried again with the right foot! (The right foot was able to can reach level 6, the left wasnt) AGAIN I reached level six with the tongue out full of saliva and tears I left my foot for 5 seconds while I choked him!!! He finally succeeded so now he has to kiss my feet and thank his Goddess A lot of Drool, toil, tears and sweat in this clip :p

Should I have to increase the difficulty? Maybe a line number 7 in the next clip :p

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