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Czech Soles - Taking advantage of her boy-toy

Megan came home just now from shopping. She is wearing coat and these well worn high heeled boots and socks which must be very dirty nowafter the whole day on her feet. She has Jack as her boy toy he has to do whatever she wants and today she want to him using her feet and those smelly and dirty socks. He has to first get on the floor, down to her feet and worship those boots. Hes really not happy but its not up to him. After that Megan put her feet on the coffee table and orders her boy toy to take off those boot. Oh my god these feet are really sweaty in there! He has to smell those boots and right after that her socks. Does it smell good, hmm? She teases Jack while having fun of his misery. Open you mouth! Jack knows whats coming now. And eat these socks! Ha ha ha! I think you should also lick my feet clean. Hmm? So start licking boy.. Jack is helpless. He has to do what Megan says and this mean girl really enjoys it!

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