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Lady Valeska - Foot Worship With My Sub Girl

I start by kissing my maid through her latex hood. Now I have kissed her, it's her turn to kiss me. She is sent down to my feet to start kissing my heels and feet.
Right down to the bottom of the shoe.
And of course, I have her suck and lick the heel... running her tongue along the long heel of my high shoes.
They're a bit dirty, but so is she.
I then have her remove my heels and kiss and worship my beautiful, giant, feet.
She starts work on my toes and is so appreciative of the honour of worshipping my feet.
I have her run her tongue up my latex pants before she can have the delight of kissing me!
She is sent back to kiss, lick and suck my toes before finally kissing goodbye.

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