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The Mean Girls - Domina Nina, Miss Harley - Worthy Of Foot Worship

The Mean Girls - Domina Nina, Miss Harley - Worthy Of Foot Worship

Domina Nina and Miss Harley set a new Mean Girl record by trampling this slave three times in one day. They`re so happy with his effort (and learning his place- BENEATH THEIR FEET) that they actually decide to reward him for being a really good trample slave. For his reward he`ll be allowed to worship their bare feet right out of the sweaty shoes that they just trampled him in! Miss Harley tells the slave her feet are reeeaaally sweaty and he better do a good job of licking them clean! Domina Nina commands the slave to give her foot a kiss for every mark they left on his body and to thank her between each kiss for trampling him so much in her stilettos. Miss Harley instructs the slave to put her whole foot in his mouth. (She wants to see how much he can take into his mouth!) The pathetic slave is obviously in heaven just 2 be allowed to worship at the feet of his two beautiful Goddesses.

If you`re a good slave at MGM and let the Goddesses trample and abuse you as much as they want without complaint, then u too might be able to earn a reward like this slave did! He is so lucky to be able to worship the feet of 2 gorgeous Amazon Goddesses. It is abviously worth all the pain n suffering and the marks left all over his body.

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