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Miss Melissa - Home Wrecking Contraception - Day 2

Miss Melissa - Home Wrecking Contraception - Day 2

our wife is trying to get pregnant. Good for her! Leah can try all she wants, but you won't be participating. Since your excuse of a cock belongs to me, I am making you spill your seed in worship to Me and My perfect feet every day of the week during which she is ovulating. I love using your addiction to My feet! Along with draining your balls, I will draining your wallet. You see, I will be rolling two dice every day of the week. The first will determine how much you will tribute for the privilege of accessing this home wrecking contraception. The second will determine where you will spill your seed or a manner in which you will do it. You get two minutes during which I show you My Goddess feet in brown tights. If you don't cum in these two minutes, of course, there will be a penalty! During day 1 video, I explain the meaning of each roll and go over all the rules of the game to ruin any chance of Leah getting pregnant. On days 2-7, I mention enough things to follow along, but do not give the full explanation.

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