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British Bratz - Pantyhose Payslave

British Bratz - Pantyhose Payslave

My pantyhose clad legs, ass and feet drive you wild with excitement. A weak, horny submissive at the best of times this really pushes you over the edge. I know how to tease you weaker, wrap you around my little finger and make you spend like never before. I want your money, I want it all and you will pay me every single penny as I stroke my hand over my toned, hot body. I know how horny I make you, I know how good you feel when you get your fix of me. I love edging you to sheer frustration, corrupting your already weakened mind and draining you all for my greed.

So vulnerable, I want to tease you over and over again. Ache to worship me, get to your knees and drool. Beg for my nylon ass in your face as you spend for me. I want it all, I want your savings, I want wifey's savings and more. I want you to binge for me today, take it all my pantyhose and splurge. Try resist my alluring, tantalising ways. You won't be able to.

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