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Lady Fyre - You Cant Resist My Legs Idiot, Youre Far Too Weak

Lady Fyre - You Cant Resist My Legs Idiot, Youre Far Too Weak

I knew youd be back. No man can resist my legs. No matter how much you try, no matter how much you promise yourself that you are not going to put yourself in this position again, to be kneeling before me, groveling for one more glimpse of my perfect legs, you end up here again. And youre here because they are perfect and theres no denying that no matter how much you try. You want to see more and more of them.

You simply cant get enough of my legs. You cant. Youll always need to see more of them because they are perfection and they make you so weak. All you men are so weak for my legs, you love the way it makes you feel. You know you do. And you love to jerk off to them, just like youre doing right now. Your cock is so hard and its throbbing and it feels so good to stroke for my legs.

And then afterwards you feel this sense of shame because you are so very weak for my legs. And you dont want to be weak, do you? But you love the way it makes you feel so much that you just keep coming back to watch me cross and uncross my legs. You shouldnt even try to resist any more. We both know how weak you are. You need to submit to these feelings. You will come back over and over again to worship my legs.

You will subject yourself to all these feelings of shame and humiliation just to get one more glimpse of my perfect legs. Go ahead and stare. Jerk your cock and enjoy them before the shame kicks in. Before you start feeling bad about yourself because you cant resist. You struggle with that so much, dont you? But for now just continue to do what you came here to do, stare and stroke to my perfection. Jerk your cock until it squirts before the shame comes. And this time admit to yourself that youre weak for me and theres nothing you can do about it. This is your place, right here beneath me, jerking to my legs.

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