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Princess Perfection - Perfections Foot-Slave For LIFE

Princess Perfection - Perfections Foot-Slave For LIFE

Want to hear what it would be like to be My footslave for the rest of your worthless, pathetic life? Well, I fucking OWN you now. You are ging to KNEEL before Me at My feet and I'm going to tell you EXACTLY the level of dedication I EXPECT out of you toward My FEET. EVen My SHOES are better than you. In fact, the DIRT on the BOTTOM of My shoes is more important than you!

You KNOW I am like the most popular girls in school and would never even TALK to a loser like you unless you absolutely grovelled at My feet and did WHATEVER I told you to do, right? So I decided I'm going to keep you locked up in my closet and you are going to have to sepnd the rest of your life LICKING THE DIRT OFF OF MY SHOES...LOL!

I even talk about how I stepped in gum the other day and now that I own you, I would use your TEETH to scrape it off in front of all My friends while We all LAUGH at you! Loser.

As for the REST of you losers, go to and then to My AND BUY ME SOMETHING!!! Real slaves send gifts as tribute to Me and My beauty!!

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