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Young Goddess Kim - Prisoner for Potent Pantyhose

Young Goddess Kim - Prisoner for Potent Pantyhose

I keep you locked up in a cage only to be let out for one purpose: youre a prisoner for My potent pantyhose! youve been dreaming of Me using you while Ive been out all night wearing one of My favourite silky nude nylons. Ive worn them so well, they are just perfect to worship. I come in and relax on the couch, ignoring you as I make a call and dangle My stilettos in front of you. I notice you cant stop staring, desperate to feel My warm fragrant feet on your face. After I make you lick My stiletto soles and suck My heels I decide to allow you to worship My divine pantyhose feet that have been teasing you so much. Worship, sniff, kiss, lick Show Me how much you adore them.

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