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Mysterious Lilly - Sweaty socks CUSTOM

Mysterious Lilly - Sweaty socks CUSTOM

Can you do a clip where you are wearing dirty white or gray soled socks and sneakers. Come in and prop your feet up for camera view. "Are you sure you want to see my feet? They are preeeety stinky...........Ok, I warned you." Kick off sneakers and show off socked feet. After a few seconds, fan nose briefly. "Can I smell my feet, haha can't you smell them. I warned you. They smell like corn chips."Cross feet at ankles and wiggle toes from time to time. Scratch-Surface level under toes a few times with fingers and on other foot sometimes saying sorry while showing off feet and talking about smell, sweatiness, etc. Wiggle toes, then cross feet at ankles again. "i have tried foot powder but it isn't helping...I am so embarrased. My feet stink. I don't like having stinky feet. Itch feet on each other again. At end of clip say, "I can't believe you like stinky feet. Sometimes I get athletes feet so I just didnt think guys would like my feet. Ok...ok I won't wear the powder next time. "I got to go. (smile). Bye.

Model: Mysterious Lilly
Format: MP4
Quality: 1920x1080
File Size : 125 MB
Duration: 00:05:09


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