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Smiles of Sally - Wife Craves my Stinky Feet

 Smiles of Sally - Wife Craves my Stinky Feet
Your wife April has made another visit to my home and it is because she has an extreme craving that she cannot get over. She has an obsession for the way I smell and taste. Unfortunately she keeps lying to herself about what is going on. So I record the whole thing. I record April admitting she is a dirty slut, I record April sucking on my heels and drooling over me as she buries her face into my shoes, I record her being blind-folded with my tights, and I recorded her admitting how happy I make her and how she will be coming back for more. And I let her know about her husband's cravings as well. These two need their fix of me and surely won't go long before needing more of me to sniff and taste Tags: Non-nude, seduction, craving, foot fetish, tights, heels, nail polish, white couch, brunette, eye contact, big brown eyes, tight bun, cleavage, cheating, laughing, smilesofsally, sally smiles

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