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Dame Olga - Ballet Flats and Condom Latex Socks

Dame Olga - Ballet Flats and Condom Latex Socks

In this clip, you can see me in semi-transparent black leggings wearing my camel and black stinky ballet flats, probably my favourite ones. After walking a little, I sit down and I shoeplay for a while, dangling my flats with bare feet. Then, I put kinky sock: but not any pair. I choose to wear latex condom as socks. This is one of the kinkiest things I sometimes do. I wear condoms at my feet in my ballet flats or in my pumps and I walk down the streets. Some people dont notice it, but I also know that some guys are totally turned on; probably foot fetish enthusiasts! After my feet are encased in condoms, I put my ballet flats and Im ready for a walk. I love how it feels to have my feet inside the thin latex! How hot do you think this? I cant way for the footjob that will happen afterwards with the condoms still on my feet!

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