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Ashley Alban - Melting the Ice Queen

Ashley Alban - Melting the Ice Queen
You have been captured by the villainess Ice Queen, and she has tied you up in her lair. She laughs at your plight. She says she will give you a choice: you can either join her side, or she will freeze you to death. She decides to take advantage of your known weakness: your love of feet and legs. She starts to seduce you while wearing white stockings. She teases you with her cute feet and sexy legs. She knows that you want her, so she tells you that you can have her as long as you give in. You have a plan. You tell her that you will join her side, and you will kiss her sexy feet to show your devotion. She smiles and puts her feet in your face. Little does she know, you have coated you mouth with a liquid that will heat up once it touches her feet. As you kiss her feet, at first she expresses how good it feels to be kissed by your warm mouth. But her feet start getting hotter and hotter and she realizes something is wrong. She starts to panic and discovers that her feet are becoming so hot, she is starting to melt. She cant believe you have gotten the best of her. She moans as she slowly starts to melt into a puddle on the floor.

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