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Princess Miki - High Stakes Heel Dangling Game

You have been invited to participate in an evil little game hosted by Me. You, and 999 other high heel fetishists have been selected to play this game of chance with very high stakes. In the invitation I sent you, I warned you that the consequences of losing are as steep as they can be, but you bypassed that warning and decided to play anyway. This is a very special opportunity, after all.

Because you accepted the invitation, I sent you a remote controlled fleshlight, which is a very important component of the game. Yes, free of charge, I sent you a fleshlight that will be controlled by Me, many miles away. Hot, right?

So, what are the rules to this game, now that you have your fleshlight secured tightly onto your hard cock? For seven rounds, you and the other contestants must watch Me dangle My red stiletto pumps from each of My feet. When I give you a countdown, you must guess which one I will let fall onto the ground.

If you guess wrong? You lose your life.

You see, the fleshlight that is pumping your cock is also a device I can use to electrocute you. In an instant, you will be gone from this world.

Now that the fleshlight is locked, you cant quit. Your only hope is to guess correctly for all seven rounds. Of course you regret accepting the invitation; yet, the danger seems to make your cock harder.

It appears to be that you are fucked. Good luck.

Customer feedback:

The custom was absolutely brilliant! I really enjoyed this. Im amazed at all the work you put into out, and how good it looks. Its so rare to find a fetish producer who is good at all aspects and looks drop **** gorgeous at the same time. I mean, even the captions with the dwindling player counts were perfect (not nice, round numbers, just as it would be in reality). I was enthralled.

Im sorry my original script was long-winded, but I knew I was writing to someone very intelligent and able to work with a complex scenario. I wasnt wrong. Im eager to work with you again on another custom!

And btw, of all the times Ive commissioned this scenario and played along, this was the first time that I got kil led in every. Single. Round. . Ive never guessed so badly in my life - you really fucked me over, and I love it!

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