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Young Goddess Kim - Entranced Foot slave Training

your dominant Boss calls you in to report on your progress as Her "Office bitch". She has been keeping notes on your performance, as well as specific weaknesses... Which She intends to use to Her advantage. She instructs you to stand and come closer for physical inspection - particularly the chastity cage She insists you wear around your cock and balls. you mention they are starting to ache, She smiles and snaps Her fingers - permitting you to kiss Her stiletto sole and thank Her then orders you back down to your knees. She begins telling you about the new training you are about to commence. you are to be put in a predicament, under Her desk. Chained and cuffed inches away from Her stilettos and feet. your new role will be highly demanding and requires total reconditioning of your body and mind. It starts with this first session of more to come - the beginning of your new existence as Her personal foot slave. She knows Her feet are highly superior and any lowly male creature must be moulded into total submission and slavery, Her feet will become your primary focus and reason for existing. Now, put those headphones on and let your entrancing foot enslavement begin!

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