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Danielle Maye - Caged Pervert

Danielle Maye - Caged Pervert
Hello my little caged, how are you finding it in there....nice and cosy? You've been locked in that little cage for a week now and I can tell you are getting very frustrated. Watching me walk around in heels, sexy dresses, witnessing young studs coming and going. Its every mans dream to see just not from inside a cage.
You've been jerking yourself so much you loser that you've don't even know what to jerk over anymore. You must have stroked yourself 1000 times thinking about me, every part of me. Every time you see me you find something new to wank over. Developing new fetishes every day.

Today Im in my tennis dress and gym trainers.. .This new sight is just too much I can see you twitching in your trousers. You've never been in to smelly trainers and socks but you're that desperate for new wank material and I know it! Teasing you I show off my stinky trainers through the bars of your cage. But you want more don't you, you want to smell them, like a desperate loser you start to beg

Taking of my trainers I hold them close so you can get your nose as close as possible, you are instantly hard this new fetish is making you feel weaker than ever and you are craving more. Next itsstinky sock time, again I put my feet covered socks up to the bars and allow you to sniff them. I cant believe how pathetic you are, taking pity on you I take off my socks and throw them into your cage lets call it a present when Im gone you can hold them over your nose and stroke your pathetic cock as much as you want!

Your really enjoying your new fetish aren't you, you weak pathetic loser you are now officially my smelly trainer bitch!

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