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Goddess Mya - Flip Flop Licker Exposed

Goddess Mya - Flip Flop Licker Exposed

At the beginning, I wear flip flops and seduce you to lick the dirt off my flip flop. Then I take my dirty flip flop off and seduce you to lick my foot but you need to give me your Facebook password. Then I take photos of you while you are licking my feet and ask you if it is dirty. After taking the photos, I laugh at you and say that I will put it on your Facebook and tells all your friends you are my slave as you say you like licking my dirty feet. You have no choice but being my slave for whole life. Then I seduce you and count down 10seconds for you to cum for me. Then I start videoing you with my phone and seduce you to lick your own cum for the first time for me. Then I laugh at you when you lick it and say I will put the video on the internet.

MP4 * 1.14 GB * 00:13:20 * 1920x1080


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