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Mo Rina - shoe closet cleanout

Mo Rina - shoe closet cleanout

In preparation for moving again soon, MoRina needs to pare down her massive shoe collection! Watch her as she chats with you about the agony of deciding which ones she could think about letting go to good homes! With the shoe closet in front of her, she pulls out 20 different pairs of shoes, tries them on, models them for you and has a little story about all of them. Well, technically the 20 include all sorts of high heels: pumps, sandals, stripper shoes and even a pair of over the knee boots a pretty amazing array reflecting MoRinas complete love of beautiful shoes!! MoRina makes sure you get some nice barefoot views before the video ends she wouldnt want you to miss out on seeing her high arches and pink sparkly painted toes! Shes wearing an extremely short, tight, blue dress and there are a lot of upskirt views throughout!!

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