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Denise Dangles and Dips

 Denise Dangles and Dips

Denise is dressed to the nines at work, and wearing her super smelly work flats. They look new from a distance, but upon closer inspection, you will see they are worn. While she reads a magazine, she dangles one of her shoes from her toes, and slips her foot out of her other shoe. She brings her foot to the floor and slips both her feet out of her shoes. You can see the dirt and grime inside her shoes, and they smell terribly! If only you could get down on the floor when she slips her feet out, so you could sniff her shoes. But be careful what you ask for because if you get it, you may not want it! Denise is about to go back to work, and decides to read the magazine while standing. She does some dipping, exposing her stinky soles.

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