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Lizz La Reign - The Great Reset 2021 - The future is female

Lizz La Reign - The Great Reset 2021 - The future is female
A new year, a new world! Maybe you have noticed for a long time that our world is changing and nothing seems to be safe in your little world! The only stop you can find every evening is with your hand on your rock hard cock and with your eyes on my clipstore. Let me tell you one thing, Loser! Dreamy times are falling apart. The age of female superiority has now begun. Your wildest dreams will become a tough reality. Bit by bit, the supposedly strong male sex is subjugated and enslaved, because your sex is the true weak sex! Fast, super cars, fancy motorcycles, leather jackets and macho behavior, ridiculous facades behind guys like you used to hide themselfs, now vanish into thin air. For today's woman, a man is just a sextoy! He has to look exotic and is a nice appendage, like the latest Louboutins. You are, however, ugly and useless, a pale loser with no future. Get on your knees, let me show you the tough reality of the female New World Order, while your face worships my soles! Your paradise is near! 2021 brings the Great Reset! Female superiority is no longer a utopia, it is reality. And you will feel it hahaha!

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