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Bad Dolly One Sneaker Foot Rubbing Fun

Bad Dolly  One Sneaker Foot Rubbing Fun

Wearing just one sneaker (or trainer as we call them here in the UK!) and one very long over the knee sock, watch me rub my feet together, touching every inch. One foot is completely bare and I run it over my shoed foot, I use my naked toes to grasp the shoe and grab every inch. I reach out my feet, one with sock and shoe and one bare and I rub the soles together sole to sole, then I swap over. I remove my shoe and sock and pick up my other shoe and matching sock, then i do the whole sexy one shoe routine over again. I make sure the shoe touches every inch of my small feet, I slide the thick rubber trainer sole into the arches of my foot, grabbing with my toes and giving you some upskirt shots as I put my feet together over and over

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