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Goddess Iveta Shoe Choice Humiliation (Links Update)

Goddess Iveta wants to go out on a beach party tonight. She knows that there will be a lot of sandy ground but also a terrace and a house with stony ground with carpets and so on. Its not easy to select the right shoes for that kind of party. Goddess Iveta picked out 4 pairs of shoes of her collection and thinks about which pair she wants to wear tonight. Imagine this situation! A Lady is trying out several pairs of high heels to find out which shoes she wants to wear. During that the face of her devoted footslave is the carpet, the footstool she puts her high heel shoes and her flats on. Goddess Iveta takes all of her shoes one by one and places them right on the slaves face. Then she slides in her shoes and crushes the slaves face at the same time! Inbetween she allows him to worship her shoes and her high arched feet. At the end Goddess Iveta knows which shoes she wants to wear tonight. Do you want to know it, too?

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