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REA - High Boot Society Boot Worship And Domination

REA - High Boot Society Boot Worship And Domination
PART1: Stiletto High Boots Worship And Domination

I relax on my couch and I feel sexy in my corset (with similar thong) and my stiletto high boots and I am in the mood for some games with my houseslave. I call him and I put a leash on his collar and command him to worship my boots. He kisses and licks them where I want and I whip him hard to do better, making him suck the heels. I get more dominant and I wipe the bottoms of my boots on his tongue hard to clean them and I hurt his face with my boots, squeezing it as a cigarette. I command him to open his mouth wide and I start to fuck it with the top of my boots, pulling the leash so my boot will go deeper. I feel better now and I just relax my feet at the back of my slave, using him as a footstool for my perfect high boots!

PART2: Footstool For My Stiletto High Boots In 3 Positions

After misusing my slave under my stiletto high boots, I relax my feet on him, using him as a footstool. I smoke and I ignore him, while my boots look so sexy on his bare flesh! I change him position and I use his face as my footstool and I hurt him with my boots without even notice it! I can keep it for hours, letting him go just to bring a drink or cook for me!

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