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Goddess Dommelia Muddy Boots Series: Your New Life (Pt 1)

 Goddess Dommelia  Muddy Boots Series: Your New Life (Pt 1)

Prepare to be treated as a mere boot licker and a living waste bucket to dispose the filth from the boots of a Goddess like Me. This is the most brutal humiliation you can imagine. Look at all the mud on My boots - the more muck for you to lick up, the better. Listen to Me tell you your tasks as My soon-to-be slave which is only used to clean extremely dirty boots. I tell you how often you must clean My boots, about the mud and sh?t I usually walk through in My riding boots, and your duties afterwards. Look close-up to My boots, from the perspective as you would actually lick them clean. You're going to come and do this for real, too, slave. Every single day. The only thing you deserve is the mud and dung from My boots, you're not even worthy of My spit. And if you don't do a good enough job, you'll get a long face trampling under them, too!

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