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Nyxonagogo Nyxon Dangling and Waiting

Nyxonagogo  Nyxon Dangling and Waiting

Nyxon comes home after a long day at work & just wants to relax on the couch & think of nothing else but wanting to go out for refreshments with the girls. She begins to dangle her heel, eventually letting it dangle by just her big toe. She starts to chew gum & blow some bubbles. While she keeps dangling her heel on her big toe, she decides to call her friends to see when they'll arrive to pick her up. She gets upset when they tell her that they'll be around later than they had originally planned, and Nyxon hangs up the phone. She starts to dangle her other hell on her big toe & snaps her gum while patiently waiting for her friends. Finally, her friends call her to say that they'll be there in 2 minutes & for her to start getting ready.

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