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Princess Camryn - Lick My Heels

Look at you, on your knees ready to worship my shoes.

I just find it so funny and disgusting that you want to lick my shoes. You begged me AND paid me for the chance to lick my shoes. Im happy to take your money but I cant believe you want to actually swallow the dirt on my shoes.

Youre feeling a little unsure about it. Its hard to bring yourself to actually swallow all the dirt from the soles of my shoes. Your tongue is completely black. This fantasy seemed better in your head than it does now that youre actually here. Typical. But Im going to take advantage of your fetish whether you actually enjoy it or not. In fact, Im going to make you keep paying to clean my shoes regularly.

I take out my phone for evidence so I can show my friends who know you, what a loser you are.

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