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thekittyquinnxxx - Stepmommys Sneaker Smeller

Your hot stepmom Kitty Quinn is fed up with you and your pervy little ways. She's been catching you smelling her stinky sneakers way too much and she wants to try to teach you a lesson. Kitty calls you out about your perversion and scolds you for smelling your stepmoms sneakers reminding you just how bizarre and unacceptable your behaviors are. She thinks that she can show you exactly how wrong what you're doing is if she really gives it to you. She teases you with her white Nike AF1s and tells you that you're not only going to be smelling her stinky shoes today you're going to be tasting them as well. After all your sense of smell and your sense of taste are tightly intertwined and maybe you're just not getting the full experience. Because no respectable man would ever get off to dirty filthy stinky shoes. She makes fun of you and humiliates you saying that she now understands why you're such a loser. She figures if she makes you lick her sneakers you might be grossed out enough to never want to do it again. But alas you wind up with a raging boner as per usual. Kitty is revolted by the fact that you are still turned on and reveals that she's been recording this whole thing. And threatens to tell on you and show the footage to your stepdad and all of your friends. But if you agree to be her slave for the next month and do all of the chores and everything that she commands she might just keep the footage secret.

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