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Do you think you have what it takes to become my new domestic slave? We're going to find out..

You're so excited, you're finally down on your knees, interviewing with Goddess Sydney to be her new live-in slave. That would be a complete dream for you and you're ready to prove your worth. She explains that she has several demands of her domestic slave. First, you're going to have to learn her native language of Filipino. She starts speaking to you in Filipino. Don't understand what she's saying? You had better learn soon bitch! If you do understand, well then you already have a leg up on all the other applicants.

Second, you're going to have to be at the ready to serve her 24 hours a day. This can be any task she desires, but of course many of your duties are going to include cleaning her place, her room, her toilet, and tending to any of her personal needs. In addition, she will have you locked in chastity, to make sure you don't even think of touching yourself in her presence. Your focus should be on servicing her, not pleasing yourself.

Of course, there will be rewards. If you're loyal and do an impeccable job, she just might unlock you and give you an orgasm. If you screw up however, she will simply beat you! She might just beat you anyway, just for fun. Either way, your life is going to be devoted to her as her domestic slave, and you'll have to put up with whatever she wants to put you through. But the rewards of course could be amazing. Are you ready to prove your worth bitch?

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