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Mistress T. - Office Wanker Blackmail

Mistress T. - Office Wanker Blackmail

You are busted! You spend company time surfing porn and we've caught you. If you want to keep your job you'll do exactly as we say. We're bored at the office too and now you are going to be OUR entertainment or we'll get you fired. We've invited you out for a smoke break at the end of the work day when everyone else has left the office. We *** you into licking our filthy boots and shoes. I tell you that some of the porn you've been surfing is GAY PORN! You must be a closet homo so I tell you to suck the toe and heel of that boot like it's a cock. Good faggot. We eventually give you a countdown and masturbation instruction telling you if you don't cum exactly when we say, we're going to rat you out to the boss. Are you feeling lucky, dickwad?

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Mistress T. - Office Wanker Blackmail
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