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British Bratz - Princess Hollie - Slave To Hollies Feet

British Bratz - Princess Hollie - Slave To Hollies Feet

Princess Hollie's bare soles have bought many 'men' to their knees in submission. There is just something dreamy and capturing about her feet. With each wiggle of her powerful toes she breaks you down. She knows your weakness and just how to play with it. Your mind turns to mush and you have the strong urge to worship and adore her perfect feet.

Wide eyed and wide mouth, you dribble with submission. You are so horny and dumb. Your Princess has you in the palm of her hand. Willing to do anything to make her smile. For just one sniff of her feet you will part with anything. Your dignity, your cash even your family. They mean nothing when you are in the company of such a true Princess. Worship away loser and wish away your life. As Princess Hollie's feet are your life now.

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