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JAMIE VALENTINE - Heel Junkie Reprograming

JAMIE VALENTINE - Heel Junkie Reprograming

Ever since you can remember you have had the most unconventional affliction towards heels. They are absolutely mesmerizing. You don't know what it is but you are positive that your obsessed. Its been quite some time since you've had a heel fetish and it has now turned you into a complete foot slut. You could never resit a goddess like me wearing beige velvet stilettos and I know that. Sadly though you have nothing to offer your goddess except your wallet. I guess that will just have to do. Get ready as I use my power over you to first milk you and to then use you for what your worth. I will soon turn you into my own personal wallet. My very own heel junkie. I will recondition and reprogram your brain till you will not be able to cum without first buying me a pair of heels from my wishlist. I will turn you into a complete heel junkie one pair at a time.

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